I’ve got the website hosting blues

So several months ago, I got rid of my webhosting because HostGator sucks. (Their one-click install stopped working, their billing practices are screwed up, and customer service is the worst, nothing ever got resolved.) Before I canceled, I created a backup of everything and took some time to research other providers. After getting frustrated and basically running out of time, I put it on hold. Now I’m trying, for the second time, to get my backup uploaded and it’s just NOT going well. It doesn’t help matters when it takes me 1-2 days to get a reply on my support ticket which really sucks because every time I fix one problem, a new one pops up, so then I have to reply back with “okay, I did that, now I’m getting THIS error” then wait another 1-2 days for that. I don’t know why they can’t just go into my account and put the shit where it needs to be.

Anyway, this thing is pissing me off. The whole reason that it took me so long to find another host is that they’ve all changed the way they do things. You used to just be able to sign up for free and pay every month. Now they all want you to pay for 6 or 12 months at a time and/or pay a set-up fee, especially if you want to pay month-by-month. I ended up just using the same provider where my domains are registered. Unfortunately, I paid for hosting 4 days ago and still don’t have my sites up because it takes at least a whole day to get a reply from customer support.

And that’s why I’m writing a blog post now. I needed to vent and none of my Facebook groups are going to give a rat’s ass about this and then I remembered I have a blog. A blog that will, hopefully, go back to being self-hosted sometime in 2016.

So much for using this to help me procrastinate from writing.